Time for free permits to make parking easier for residents – Lo

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has called on the Minister for Regional Development to consider implementing a free residents’ parking scheme in South Belfast. In recent years, parking problems in the area have increased and Laganbank Alliance Representative Alan Leonard has long spearheaded our local campaign for free residents’ parking.

Anna Lo MLA stated: “The Minister should consider piloting a scheme for free residents’ parking for areas of South Belfast with a high concentration of HMOs and commuters who park in the area while at work.

“These factors must be taken into account by the Minister, and this information must be acted on to improve parking facilities locally. This pilot scheme should be conducted be done with a view to rolling-out free residents’ parking across the constituency if the scheme is a success.

“Considering the disgracefully steep hike in rates that is planned, it would be totally outrageous to ask the residents of South Belfast to pay even more for the ‘privilege’ of being able to park their car near their home. Therefore, I believe the Minister must do their best to ensure that residents are given a permit free of charge to enable them to park outside their house.

“Also, if the Planning Service did its job more effectively, and better enforced its own rules about ensuring adequate parking in new housing developments, then local residents wouldn’t find themselves faced with ever decreasing spaces.”


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