Ofcom finally bites back at rip-off TV phone quizzes following Alliance pressure

Alliance Spokesperson Councillor Alan Lawther has hailed the record fine imposed on Channel 5 after Ofcom found the TV company guilty of violating the Broadcasting Code over one of their phone-in quizzes. Alliance has campaigned for a number of months to get Ofcom to crack down on rip-off phone-in quizzes.

Cllr Alan Lawther stated: “This penalty imposed on a Channel Five programme is a step in the right direction. The fine of £300,000 in relation to the Brainteaser program, shows that Ofcom is prepared to put some bite into the regulation of these type of shows.

“The enquiry into the programme found that winners had been faked and audiences misled, and I condemn this type of unethical business practice.

“Further enquiries are ongoing and I hope that any other breaches will also result hefty fines for the broadcasters involved.

“Alliance has been campaigning on this issue for a number of months now, and I hope our other concerns about phone-in quizzes will be taken on board. In some cases these quizzes are cynical money-making schemes with the revenue gained from the premium line phone calls being far greater than the value of any prizes awarded.”


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