Time for debating and fudging issues over: Ford

ALLIANCE Leader David Ford MLA has said that it is clear that Northern Ireland’s political parties are now on the verge of getting the Agreement to work for the good of the whole community. Speaking ahead of the publication of the two governments’ joint declaration, Mr Ford said significant responsibility now rested with all parties to consider it seriously.

Mr Ford stated: “Five years ago today, the parties reached an historic accommodation. Sadly, people have not lived up to the obligations that they accepted on Good Friday 1998.

“Whilst it was probably inevitable that we would pass through an era of an imperfect peace, that is no longer acceptable. Now is the time for acts of completion and for all parties to commit themselves to democratic politics alone.

“While this applies to all parties, the immediate responsibility rests with Sinn Fein. Mr Adams and his colleagues must make it clear that they will play no part in anything other than solely peaceful and democratic methods.

“The joint declaration will have to be considered by all parties as a package. The time for debate and for fudging the issues is over.

“It is clear we are now on the verge of getting all parties to the Agreement to work together for the good of the whole community.”

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