There can be no Honeymoon period for new Ministers – Alliance

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that there can be no Honeymoon period for the new Executive and demanded that new Ministers hit the ground running to tackle vitally important issues such as rates, water charges and the lack of affordable housing urgently. He said that Alliance will take the Ministers to task if quick progress is not made in these areas.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “There can be no Honeymoon period for the new Ministers. The people of Northern Ireland want good governance and need it now.

“There are a raft of vitally important matter that must be addressed urgently, like making rates and water charges fair and ensuring that more affordable housing is made available to local people.

“The new Ministers simply must hit the ground running. We had a six week delay in getting devolution up and running and they must make up for the time they missed.

“For too long, local people have suffered bad governance – this must stop and take the Ministers to task to get them to make the right decisions for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“People rightly expect quick results with devolution and Alliance will keep apply firm pressure on the tribal parties to ensure that they deliver.”


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