Neeson says water review must not be a prelude to privatisation

Alliance Economy Spokesperson Séan Neeson MLA, has stated that the review of water service financing announced by Minister Conor Murphy must not be a prelude to privatisation. He stated that privatisation would be devastating and would result in a poorer service for local people. He also said that the planned job cuts within the review are disturbing and must not be a sign of things to come.

The East Antrim Assembly Member said: “This review must not be a prelude to privatisation.

“We have seen through the problems experienced in England that privatisation is bad option. It simply cannot and must not take place in Northern Ireland.

“Alliance wants to provide a better water service for local people. With privatisation, any cash will go into the coffers of the shareholders, instead of being invested in improving the infrastructure.

“We will strongly oppose any move towards privatisation through the back door.

“We want oppose unfair water charges and want to see a system based on consumption and ability to pay.

“I am also extremely concerned about the plans to cut 500 jobs within water service. We want to deliver the best service possible and such a drastic reduction in personnel may affect the service.”


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