Talks must prioritise urgent action on Health Reform

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has warned that urgent action on Health Reform must be a top priority for the new talks process.

Speaking after a public warning from John Compton on the Health Service Budget, the South Belfast MLA cautioned: “It is concerning that in all the statements from the two largest parties, there is scarcely a mention of the urgent need for action on Health Reform.

“The Budget is a concern, as particularly is the failure to provide the necessary extra allocation to actual reforms such as the waiting lists strategy.

“Budget is not the only issue, however. There is a serious issue that we are already heading rapidly towards a two-tier system, where people with means are simply paying for quicker diagnosis and treatment.

“We also have to consider morale across the Health Sector. Lack of direction in terms of reform leads to dedicated workers having to carry out their jobs amid great uncertainty.

“Our Health and Social Care system affects us all. It is the top political priority for people on the doorstep. Action on reform to deliver a high quality service free at the point of access for all must therefore be a top political priority for us all.”

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