Struggle for justice for McCausland family ‘truly perverse’ – Alliance

Alliance Leader David Ford led a delegation to meet the McCausland family to discuss justice for their son Craig, who was murdered in July.

The South Antrim MLA stated: ‘It is truly perverse that a law-abiding family is having such difficulties getting justice for Craig McCausland, an innocent murder victim. A generation on from the callous murder of his mother, have we learned nothing?

‘Nothing will bring back Craig or his mother, but the family has every right to justice, and every reason to believe action can be taken that would help them attain it. We have met them to assure them of our strong support for their case.

‘I have written to the Secretary of State demanding that he meet the family immediately. It would be quite outrageous for “on-the-runs” to be given a get-home-free card while law-abiding families like the McCauslands cannot access justice for their son.

‘Once again, Alliance will take action to ensure the legal and political process prioritise justice for victims and respect for rule-of-law.’


The family’s campaign can be found at

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