Alliance Leader addresses supporters in Ballymena

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford MLA, is to speak to a meeting in Ballymena next week, as part of a series of meetings across Northern Ireland.

To mark his four years as party leader, David Ford is setting out the Alliance party’s vision for the way ahead. He is using the title ‘More than a peace process: Building a united community’.

David Ford explained:

“I believe that many people are now recognising that only Alliance is talking about building a future in which we can live and work as one community, free from the divisions of the past.

“Although a fourth anniversary is not generally treated as a special one, we have reason to celebrate. Over the last four years, Alliance has made gains in votes for Westminster and in Council seats, as well as holding our own in the Assembly election.

“Only Alliance is concerned at the waste of a billion pounds a year on the costs of separation — money which should be used to provide quality services for all.

“Only Alliance has shown consistency on matters like providing free personal care for elderly people in residential homes.

“It was Alliance that proposed the Independent Monitoring Commission, to put pressure on paramilitaries to end all their illegal acts.

“Most of all, Alliance has worked to ensure the rule of law throughout the region and has not been afraid to stand up for the Police Service when they have been attacked by paramilitaries.

“I want to see an end to the so-called peace process. I want to see us really start to work to protect the vulnerable and bring about a normal society.”


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