South Belfast racist attack ‘sickening’ – Lo

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has described a racist attack in the Donegall Road area of the city as sickening. A Bangladeshi student was attacked by up to 15 people in the incident on Friday evening.

Anna Lo said: “This was a sickening attack. How can anyone stoop as low as to commit a hate crime.

“I am also very concerned that given the serious nature of the attack, it took police over two and a half hours to respond after the man reported the incident

“This man has come to study in Northern Ireland and it’s despicable that he has been made to feel unwelcome by a few thugs. Foreign students add a lot to our economy and our society, and the message this attack sends out is repugnant.

“People in the area are shocked and appalled at this incident. I would urge anyone with information on it to contact police immediately.”

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