McCarthy outrage at nursing cuts

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed massive concern at proposals to cut 722 nursing posts across Northern Ireland. He branded them Peter Robinson’s cuts as he created the budget that called for 3% savings across all departments. These posts make up part of the planned 2,500 job cuts in the health service over the next three years.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “It deeply worrying that such a large number of nursing positions could be cut. Nurses carry out massively important work and our health system would face great difficulty were it to lose these staff.

“These are Peter Robinson’s cuts, as he was the Finance Minister that put forward the 3% savings across all departments which are causing these problems in the health service.

“The dire consequences of this budget are now being felt. I voted against that budget because Alliance felt that the statutory 3% efficiency savings for each department was not the best way to free-up more money. The Stormont Executive should be planning to end segregation, as this costs society £1 billion annually. While there may need to be some efficiency savings in health administration, there should be no damaging cuts to vital frontline services.”


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