Size does matter with new Stadium

Alliance Sports spokesperson Michael Long has queried Government proposals on the size of the new stadium for Northern Ireland.

The Castlereagh Councillor stated: “A lot of the debate on the new stadium is missing a central issue, namely the capacity. Regardless of where it goes, frankly I see little chance of a 42,000-seater being filled regularly. A stadium being half-empty does nothing to help a sporting occasion.

“More sensible would be a 30,000-seat ground with potential for expansion, as initially proposed. This would mean sporting occasions would be much more likely to fill or come close to filling it.

“I understand 42,000 is a figure brought in to promote the idea to the GAA, but I have no doubt even at that size that in reality the very big matches would still go to Croke Park. What is required is a single size to fit all, and in practice 30,000 is far more realistic.”


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