Dickson accuses ‘sick Government’ on pensions

Alliance Local Government Whip Stewart Dickson has angrily slammed the UK Government as it announced proposals to raise the pension age to 67.

The Carrickfergus Alderman stated: “These proposals amount to nothing other than punishing the poor.

“In general working people in deprived areas do not live as long. These proposals will simply deny them their access to pensions for a further two years, meaning that proportionately, on average, they will be punished far more than those who live longer.

“Everyone accepts there is a serious issue about how we afford pensions in years to come, but the solution is not taking away money from people who have worked hard to provide others with a luxurious lifestyle they can well afford anyway.

“It is frankly sick that a Labour Government would treat working people from poorer backgrounds in this way.”


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