Sinn Fein Must Face Up to its Own Responsibilities

Responding to Gerry Adam’s ‘keynote’ speech on the Agreement today, Alliance Assembly member Sean Neeson has reminded Sinn Fein on its own responsibilities to make significant moves to restore devolution.

Mr Neeson said:

“Sinn Fein is well used to blaming everyone else for deadlock, and not facing up to its own responsibilities. Republicans have a major role to play in making significant moves to restore devolution.

“Almost six years on from Good Friday, the time for any transition has long since passed. Republicans have not yet unambiguously affirmed an end to all forms of paramilitary activity. This is a crucial confidence-building measure.

“Republicans must also accept that the Agreement, as currently structured, has struggled to work in the past, and simply cannot work with the current political balance of power between the parties. Within the context of the Review, some changes to the mechanisms of the Agreement are now inevitable. The reformist position is now the only realistic stance. This isn’t just about the need for the DUP to move – by digging in their heels, republicans are not doing the process any favours either.

“Finally, when making demands on the ‘On the Runs’, Sinn Fein must remember that this subject is outside the context of the Agreement.”

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