Alliance discusses elderly attacks with Chief Constable

An Alliance Party Delegation has met with the Chief Constable to discuss a wide range of policing and security issues, including the recent attacks on the elderly.

Speaking after the meeting, Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell stated:

“Violence being used against older people is causing massive concern throughout the community and needs to be tackled urgently.

“While the risk of being attacked in this way is still relatively low, they are happening on a near-daily basis and aggravated burglaries and assaults are on the increase. The level of violence and aggression in these attacks also appears to be rising.

“This is not just about the people who are attacked and suffer a terrible experience, it also about other elderly people who are afraid of being the next victim. That fear also needs to be dealt with by the police with the help of the rest of us.”

Mrs Bell added:

“While there has been a substantial reduction in terrorist activity, the threat from dissidents remains ever present. However, Alliance is concerned at continuing paramilitary activity that is potentially in breach of paragraph 13 of the Joint Declaration.”

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