“Sickening attempt to kill”, says McMullan

Alliance Councillor Ross McMullan has described the discovery of a viable bomb found under a police officer’s car in East Belfast as “shocking and disturbing”.

The officer had been at Shandon Golf Club when he noticed something unusual on returning to his vehicle.

Ross added: “In 2019 this kind of headline is unacceptable and must be consigned to history.  This act of terror on our community must be condemned unreservedly and my thoughts are with the officer in question and his wider circle.

“PSNI Officers work hard for us all and deserve our respect and support in targeting terrorist threats, not being victimised by those they seek to protect.

“This is an extremely worrying development and we are extremely lucky this did not turn more sinister.  I would urge anyone with information to contact the PSNI immediately before those responsible are able to act again.”