Farry welcomes court judgement in journalists’ case

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has welcomed a court judgement ruling two journalists acted lawfully by protecting their sources.

Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney were arrested in August 2018 over the alleged theft of documents relating to a police investigation into the Loughinisland massacre, which saw six men murdered in 1994. They were part of the team which produced No Stone Unturned, a documentary covering the killings.

However, Sir Declan Morgan ruled the granting of a search warrant for their homes and offices was ‘inappropriate,’ while their protection of sources was them acting in a ‘perfectly proper manner’. The men remain on bail under police investigation.

“The arrests and detentions of Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney led to serious public interest issues relating to freedom of the press and how journalists serve the community,” said Dr Farry.

“It has been a difficult period of time for both men and I hope this is another major step closer to the resolution of this case.

“Ultimately, the priority must be to seek justice for the loved ones of those killed in Loughinisland, as well as addressing the complex needs of all other victims in our society.”