Shocking crime figures in Coleraine show more funding is needed for policing

Alliance East Londonderry Representative, Barney Fitzpatrick has demanded more cash to increase policing in the Coleraine area following revelations that Portrush is top of the crime league out of 500 local ward areas, and Coleraine in the fourth busiest police station in Northern Ireland. Barney Fitzpatrick is demanded answers from the government on what they plan to do to cut crime in the area.

Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick, a former police officer, said: “I was shocked to hear that Portrush is top of the crime league table out of around 500 wards in Northern Ireland

“This is one league table that no-one wants to be top of. Who wants this dubious distinction? Action must be taken to secure more funding to increase policing in the area as soon as possible. We need more officers on the beat to crack this crime

“It has also been pointed out that Coleraine has fourth busiest police station in Northern Ireland.

“Last weekend was a very busy weekend for Coleraine police station with 29 crimes reported in that time, from drugs related matters to counterfitting and assault.

“These revelations are extremely disturbing – so its time for government to provide more funding for local police.

“Local people will be very concerned about these findings, and one of the knock-on effects could be that people in this area will have to pay more for insurance.”

Consultants did the research for Coleraine Borough Council on crime figures and Councillors are discussing these findings next Thursday at Coleraine Town Hall at 7pm.

Cllr Fitzpatrick continued: “I would encourage people to go along to the meeting at Coleraine Town Hall next Thursday at 7pm and hear more about these crime figures.

“I will be demanding to know what government is doing to lower the crime rate.

“I also want to let local people know that the police need their help in combating this crime. Everyone can have a role and we must fight crime together.”


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