Lunn demands answers on TV quizzes

Alliance Spokesperson Cllr Trevor Lunn has demanded strong regulations on TV phone-in quizzes following horror stories regarding their phone bills after they took part in these quizzes.

The Lagan Valley Alliance Representative stated: ” These quizzes are posing a real problem for some people.

“Knowing the correct answer is no guarantee of a win, and it gets worse because they are set up to encourage the viewing public to spend money on expensive premium rate phone calls which sometimes cost more than a pound a minute.”

“Strict regulations must be placed on them as we have heard horrific tales of those taking part running up massive phone bills.

“Some people will say that these TV quizzes take place late in the evening; however, this is not always the case. They are often on early enough in the evening for children watching TV to see them.

“These quizzes could also present serious concerns for some parents. If children see them, they may want to phone in, and parents could be left looking at a massive phone bill.

“Not many people will be phoning a friend after taking parting these quizzes as their bills will be too high.

“If the government asked the audience on this one, I think they would tell them to get working on regulating this industry.

“I wish to call for an immediate ban on them being promoted before 8.00pm – even though this time is earlier than the watershed.

“What is government doing to regulate this area? They must act fast to ensure that appropriate regulations are put in place.”


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