Sectarian Assembly designations reinforce Berlin wall of segregation

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has demanded that the Assembly’s sectarian designation system be scrapped in order to smash the Berlin Wall of segregation which exists in Northern Ireland. He stated that if devolution is to return on a stable long-term basis, any deal must scrap the Assembly’s designation system.

David Ford stated: “The implementation of the Good Friday Agreement was meant to lead to the end of division and sectarianism.

“Many thought the Agreement would herald a new era, a shared future. That was not the case. If anything, it reinforced division because of its disgraceful ‘two communities’ mindset. The tribal parties have also reinforced segregation since 1998

“The Agreement, due to its sectarian designation system has added bricks to the Berlin Wall of segregation which exists here.

“If there is a sectarian carve up in the Assembly, how can there be a shared future on the streets of Northern Ireland? Institutionalised sectarianism is totally unacceptable.

“Alliance wants to break down the walls which divide our society. There must be no more barriers to success in Northern Ireland.

“The governments must recognise that Northern Ireland can only be strong and successful if we have a shared future. Division must be eradicated at all levels, from the Assembly chamber to the classroom. Any deal to restore devolution must scrap the sectarian designation system if devolution is to return on a long term basis.


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