Seconding of Motion 2 on Animal Welfare

In seconding this motion I call on you ladies and gentlemen to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves; animals that have to suffer and die in the most gruesome circumstances.

We were all aghast at the sight of a badger being torn to shreds on a television newscast, and a recent survey revealed that 84% of people in Northern Ireland regard hare coursing as cruel, 73% regard hare coursing as immoral and want to see an end to it. But what we haven’t seen are the dogs bred to kill. Fighting for their life in the ring, many are torn to death by the ravages of the dog they are set up against — this is for the pleasure of mindless individuals who call this sport.

I call on all of you here to do what you can in the lobbing for the protection of animals. The Environment Minister is currently conducting a review of the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) 1985 order, which protects wild animals, birds and plants, and we must have our voices heard to ensure the protection permanently for the Irish hare.

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