Seasons Greetings from Belfast City Council

Belfast will light up with multilingual signage this Christmas, Councillor Michael Long has revealed, after his proposals received unanimous backing at today’s Strategic, Policy and Resources Committee meeting.

The move will see signs on the front of City Hall in English, Irish and Ulster Scots over the festive period, a positive approach secured by Alliance in the wake of negative rows around language.

The Alliance Group Leader on Belfast City Council added: “After a few months of negative publicity at City Hall, I am pleased that the Christmas spirit seems to be alive and well early as all parties have agreed to an Alliance compromise on Christmas lights which will see signage in English, Irish and Ulster Scots on the front façade of City Hall.

“This will update the current situation which had English on the front and a sign in Irish on the side, which is now in need of replacement.

I am delighted that we could reach agreement on this language issue, which has so often in the past resulted in division. I would therefore like to be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas, Nollaig Shona and Blythe Yuletide.”

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