Armstrong asks why talks process cannot begin again immediately

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has asked why the talks process cannot begin again immediately, after Sinn Fein called for it to be resumed next Monday.

Ms Armstrong said Alliance had been engaging with various parties in bilateral discussions over the summer, as well as with stakeholders on a number of issues since the formal suspension of talks in July.

“The talks should not have broken up in the first place, so we should not have to be talking about resumption” she said.

“This call from Sinn Fein appears to be a little cynical – if they want the talks up and running again, why wait another week? Why not start things this week?

“Alliance has been working throughout the summer months, speaking to other parties and engaging with stakeholders. Our MLA team has also been meeting regularly to coordinate action and will continue to do so.

“It is frustrating we don’t currently have a functioning Executive and in the meantime many important issues are falling by the wayside. That’s why it’s vital everyone gets back around the table and does so immediately.”

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