Rice urges council to improve waste management programme

The Alliance Party’s environment spokesperson has called on Castlereagh Borough Council to launch a “modern” waste management and recycling programme.

Councillor Geraldine Rice, who is the vice-chair of her council’s technical services committee, made the claim after receiving a flood of complaints about the lack of waste disposal facilities in the borough.

She said that, for Castlereagh to maintain its status as one of Northern Ireland’s premier boroughs, it was essential for the council to address the issue with the “utmost attention”.

“Pollution and waste are aspects of a global problem but they are very relevant to the borough of Castlereagh,” explained the Alliance councillor.

“We all know that the issue of pollution is a major problem in Northern Ireland but we must all do our best to keep our local areas clean.”

“That’s why I have called on my local council to launch a modern waste disposal and recycling programme. We may have a large landfill site in the borough but it is clear that there is much room for improvement.”

“I can’t understand why Castlereagh council, which claims to be a premier borough, has not introduced a sufficient waste management and recycling programme.”

“But I think that part of this is down to the cost of introducing a comprehensive recycling and recovery programme.”

“We all know that the government taxes on landfill sites will inevitably make them much more costly and we also know that the government are committed to reducing landfill sites.”

“And I would also hope that my fellow councillors support my proposals to launch a new waste management and recycling programme,” added Mrs. Rice.


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