Real choice in North Down is between unity and division

Responding to the announcement that Robert McCartney has decided not to contest the North Down Westminster Election, Alliance candidate Dr David Alderdice has argued that it does not nothing to alter the fundamental choice facing voters in that constituency between the policies of building a united community, and maintaining divisions in society.

David Alderdice stated:

“The real choice in North Down is between on the one hand the politics of creating shared future through building a united community represented by Alliance and the politics of continued division represented by both the remaining Unionist parties.

“The reality is that on most issues, there is actually relative little to choose between the UUP and DUP. Both parties are based exclusively within one section of the community. At times, both parties have failed to be totally unequivocal in standing up for the rule of law.

“Surely, healing the deep divisions within this society must be the greatest priority for the political process. Yet neither party places any emphasis upon better community relations.

“Over the past, four years the UUP have moved substantially to the right. They did nothing last autumn to help efforts to restore devolution and to implement the Agreement. They have held back and tried to block the new shared future policy. They have stoked up tensions around parades, and opposed new protocols for dealing with paramilitary and other illegally erected flags. Recently, they have sticking out leaflets talking about Protestant rights, rather than the common good.”

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