Leonard endorses Queen’s campaign against poverty

Alliance Party Spokesperson for Laganbank, Allan Leonard, has endorsed the Queen’s University Students’ Union campaign support for Make Poverty History. Along with other South Belfast political representatives, Mr Leonard signed an enlarged petition card to be sent to Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Mr Leonard said, “I was only too happy to show my solidarity with the students of Queen’s University in participating in their Make Poverty History event.

“In light of the negative publicity that university students have received lately, especially in regards to resident relations in the Holy Land area, today’s event is an excellent example of the good work of young people at Queen’s, effecting positive change.

“Queen’s Student Union is spot on in highlighting the man-made problems of poverty, citing the 19 children who have died, just during the brief introduction of the event.

“I am a strong supporter of the Make Poverty History campaign, and today’s event has only galvanised me to head out to Edinburgh on 2 July, to demonstrate at Britain’s hosting of the G8 summit. I hope to see many Queen’s students there.”


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