Ratepayers want better value: Lawther

ALLIANCE Spokesperson Alan Lawther has warned that rates increases in Antrim should be expected in the future, despite this year’s increase. Mr Lawther said Antrim ratepayers would now be querying the wisdom of building new council offices at a time when the council was behind the biggest rates hike in Northern Ireland.

Mr Lawther, who is Alliance’s prospective candidate for Antrim south East, said: “Antrim Borough’s rates increased well above the rate of inflation and more than any other council in Northern Ireland.

“This is a disgracefully high increase, and it has taken place before the completion of the new council offices. What will the increase be in the next few years to pay for these?

“Indeed new council offices, which Alliance councillors David Ford and Brian McConnell opposed, would only be used for a few years as it is unlikely Antrim will be a council centre following the proposed reorganisation of local government.

“The Antrim Councillors need to show more responsibility in spending our rates and ensure ratepayers are getting good value for money.”

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