Ford criticises Government’s weak actions on IRA

Alliance Leader David Ford has criticised the failure of the Government to take any meaningful action against Republicans in the wake of the IMC report.

David Ford said:

“The financial measures announced by the Secretary of State are, as he said, merely a sign of disapproval. They are insignificant in real terms.

“The Secretary of State acknowledged that it would have been impossible for Sinn Fein Ministers to remain in office had the Assembly been sitting. Yet he has completely failed to take comparable action.

“The issue is not about exclusion. That is a smokescreen by Government. The real issue is about applying the appropriate sanction against Republicans until they live up to their obligations.

“Alliance has worked hard to bring people together and promote power-sharing. But the political process cannot be about inclusivity at the expense of integrity.

“Over two years ago, the Prime Minister called for acts of completion from Republicans. Now the Government seems to be saying that Ministers are not prepared to move forward with democrats until Republicans are prepared to move.

“Alliance is quite clear. Sinn Fein is entitled to rejoin the political process when Republicans live up to the same standards as the rest of us. Until then, they should not have a veto over progress.”

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