Rate hikes yet another ‘segregation tax’: Alderdice

Alliance North Down Councillor David Alderdice has said plans to more than double regional rates in Northern Ireland are yet another ‘segregation tax’.

The Party’s Enterprise spokesman stated:

“People are being asked to pay extra charges and taxes that will make a real difference on their standard of living — and they are entitled to ask why.

“The reason is that we throw away £1 billion each year on providing segregated services — separate health centres, separate school buildings, even separate bus stops.

“Even if people are not swayed by the moral case for ending segregation in a divided and conflict-ridden society, they will be swayed by the financial implications. Every man, woman and child in Northern Ireland will soon be paying thousands of pounds extra per year to Government, and this money will effectively be used directly to fund segregation.

“Instead, if we stopped this ‘segregation tax’ and tightened up on controls on government spending, we could have improved levels of public services without regional rate hikes, tuition fees or water charges.

“As we said at the last election, only the Alliance Party has the policies and electoral potential to achieve that.”


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