NI ratepayers being screwed by Government: Close

Alliance Finance Spokesperson Seamus Close has said that plans for a regional rate hike in Northern Ireland are grossly unfair.

Speaking on the Stephen Nolan show, the Lagan Valley MLA stated:

“In this last year, we have seen gross mismanagement of public accounts, amounting to an underspend of hundreds of millions of pounds — so people are not getting value for money even as it is. I see no reason why people should pay huge amounts extra to pay for mismanagement and underspend.

“People say we get an easy ride compared with the rest of the UK, but the figures do not show this. On average earnings more than £100 per week below those in Great Britain, we already pay more for our fuel, for our food, for our basic necessities — so let’s compare like with like. We are being effectively screwed by the Government.

“This is why a devolved government is necessary, to stop remote-control ministers squandering opportunities to make Northern Ireland a better place to live.”


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