Queen’s University Alliance elects new Chair

Queen’s University Alliance Society have elected Holywood student Mark Baillie (19), as their new Chair. Mark, who studies law and politics, was previously Alliance Youth Secretary and remains a member of the Party’s Executive.

Mark Baillie said: “I am very pleased to have been elected Chair of Alliance at Queen’s University. Alliance Youth is growing and I want to continue this good work.

“Over 400 people signed our petition on tackling child poverty at Freshers Fayre this year. We have also had a record number of new members signing up and we are going from strength to strength.”

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin hailed Mark’ Baillie’s election stating: “Mark is an outstanding individual who cares deeply about the future direction of Northern Ireland.

“In the current political environment where Northern Ireland is seemingly rudderless as we enter difficult economic times it’s imperative that young people don’t turn away but instead get involved, just as Mark and his fellow QUB Alliance members have done.”


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