Lunn frustrated at Maze decision delay

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has called on Culture Minister Gregory Campbell to make the decision on the proposed Maze stadium now. In August, Gregory Campbell said he would make the decision within a few weeks, and Trevor Lunn said Lisburn had been left in limbo because of the uncertainty about plans for the site.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Gregory Campbell’s failure to make a decision on the Maze site has become a real embarrassment. This decision can not be delayed any longer – the people of Lisburn deserve to know what is going to happen, instead of being left in limbo.

“The Maze plans really are the only show in town. They would deliver a world-class shared stadium and maximise the great potential of this site.

“There will be several sporting events that Northern Ireland could benefit from, like the 2012 Olympics in London, however the Minister’s delays are threatening these opportunities. We might also miss out on hosting the 2013 Fire and Rescue Games because of Gregory’s failure to make a decision?

“I do not want Northern Ireland to be forced to play their home matches away from here because we have no suitable stadium. That would hurt local football and hit our economy hard.

“I call on the Minister to make a decision on the Maze, now and I would urge him to make the right one. The Maze site offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for Northern Ireland and we simply cannot fail to take this opportunity.”


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