Prime Minister’s human rights plan could weaken rights of citizens, says Dickson

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said plans by the Prime Minister to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) would weaken the rights of citizens throughout the UK.

Mr Dickson was speaking after it was reported Theresa May would make the issue a central part of her 2020 General Election campaign. It would see the rights transferred to British law, to be applied by the Supreme Court.

He said it could have a particular impact in Northern Ireland.

“Alliance is committed to the retention of the Human Rights Act in UK law, as well as the development of a rights act and a Single Equality Bill specifically for Northern Ireland. Therefore any attempt to repeal it and replace it with a British Bill of Rights should be resisted.

“Human rights are embedded into the Good Friday Agreement, so any changes to or removal of the Act would have a profound effect both on it and the commitment to an international treaty signed in 1998.

“The implications if the Prime Minister pushes ahead with this issue would be incredibly serious. Any changes to human rights across this island should strengthen them, not reduce them.”

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