PPE distribution must be speeded up – Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said that distribution of PPE equipment must be speeded up to safeguard GPs and Practice Nurses.

Paula Bradshaw said: “We have been assured that in Northern Ireland we have adequate supplies of PPE equipment on order and in stock. However, GPs have now raised genuine concerns that supplies of PPE equipment are not reaching them quickly enough. This is leading to restrictions in how GPs can provide general health care to patients and is deeply worrying, as it can result in illnesses not being treated with the possibility of complications emerging.

“GPs, Practice Nurses and other practice staff are at the frontline in our community. It is vital that they and their families are protected by being given the correct personal protective equipment in line with Department of Health guidelines. The Health Minister must give a clear and immediate commitment to improve the distribution of PPE equipment to health professionals.”