Portrush traders need assurances around Open, says McCaw

Alliance Causeway Councillor Chris McCaw has said Portrush traders need to receive assurances they will not be “abandoned” while the Open takes place in the town.

The golfing event is due to take place in the town in July 2019. Councillor McCaw, who has recently been selected by Alliance to run for the party in the Causeway area in next May’s council election, said while the Open would see the eyes of the world turn to Portrush, it was important to not forget about the regular traders there.

“There is no doubt the Open is a massive chance for Portrush, the wider Causeway Coast and Glens area and indeed Northern Ireland to put ourselves on the map,” said Councillor McCaw

“However, it is crucial we make sure everyone benefits from the experience – including residents, local businesses and tourists. Many traders are rightly concerned because the majority of main car parks in the town are due to be reserved for people attending the golf. And while we want to see as many tourists in Portrush and surrounding towns as possible, we also need to ensure those traders who will still be there after the crowds depart profit from the experience.

“In my current role as Councillor and if I am re-elected in May, I will be using my position to work with Council and traders to identify suitable sites for alternative parking throughout the period the Open is on and golf fans are in town, replacing those ‘lost’ spaces.

“Portrush will be open for business before, during and after the Open 2019 takes place. I want to help make sure we maximise that experience.”

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