MLA commends Sarah Ewart on her ongoing campaign

A South Belfast MLA has commended Sarah Ewart for her ongoing campaign to amend the law on abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, but expressed continued frustration the change in the law is taking so long.Speaking after Sarah Ewart was given the go-ahead to challenge the law on human rights grounds, Paula Bradshaw MLA said: “I am full of admiration for the efforts Sarah Ewart and her family and friends are going to in order to secure a change in the law.

“The fact remains the whole issue should have been resolved long ago, and Sarah is only having to do this because politicians will not do the right thing. We have had the report of the Working Group on Fatal Foetal Abnormality and with a functioning Executive its recommendations could be delivered.

“Abortion is a conscience issue for Alliance but I think everyone can agree political dysfunction has led us to this. A brave woman is now having to go the legal route to establish and secure her and other women’s rights. We already know the law in Northern Ireland is incompatible with human rights law, and it should be changed urgently.”

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