Politicians fiddle while the vulnerable suffer

Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has said vulnerable people feel helpless in their own homes – and too many politicians are failing to take responsibility for doing anything about it.

The North Down MLA, who stands down as Deputy Leader on Saturday, stated: “Some politicians in all parties have taken this issue very seriously, and many people are grateful for it. But the broad impression remains of a Sectarian Political System more interested in daft Council motions about terrorist memorials than dealing with serious issues.

“Every morning we are waking to hear of yet another atrocity committed against old people in their own home. The scale of the issue is shocking to the general public. And, rightly, people want to know where public representatives’ priorities lie.

“No number of ridiculous Council motions or silly quangoes is going to solve this problem. It needs community leadership and the participation of civic society to look after our neighbours, particularly in rural areas, and make sure as best we can that safety is restored. As a society we simply cannot tolerate such appalling attacks on our most vulnerable fellow citizens.”

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