All-Ireland electricity market promises fair prices at last – Neeson

Alliance Energy spokesperson Séan Neeson MLA has welcomed Government proposals to lay the foundations for an all-Ireland electricity market.

Alderman Neeson, who was Vice Chair of the Assembly’s Enterprise Committee, stated: “An all-Ireland electricity market is an example of precisely the sort of cross-border cooperation that brings practical results to the people, North and South, rather than merely big pay packets

to bureaucrats.

“The only issue I have with this is why it was not done far earlier. Such moves were part of the Assembly’s reports on the energy market.

“An all-Ireland electricity market, if correctly handled, will support the development of fair competition to the benefit of consumers in both jurisdictions.

“I would call for swift implementation of the relevant policies across the island to ensure the market is up and running soon. It will tie in neatly with moves towards the liberalization of the energy market across Europe agreed by the European Commission and European Parliament, and offers the most obvious way to ensure reasonable energy prices. This will also tackle fuel poverty and the high cost of doing business, so there can be no delay.”


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