Political sector failing to provide leadership to tackle sectarianism – Ford

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has said the business and community sectors are doing what they can to tackle sectarianism – but the political sector is failing.

Speaking on the BBC’s _Inside Politics_, David Ford stated: “What has happened at Stormont this week, combined with ongoing sectarian attacks across Northern Ireland, is evidence that the political sector is failing to provide the leadership required.

“The Governments and the other four Assembly parties seem intent only to manage divisions. No one is seeking to overcome them.

“The ‘Shared Future’ document was left on the shelf for the duration of the last Assembly, and is now well behind time. It seems local politicians are still unwilling to take the tough decisions on integrated education, leisure facilities and health centres that serve to create higher quality services provided on the basis of need.

“The Government cannot continue effectively handing parties vetoes. They will be inclined to use them no matter what the outcome. This is a far cry from responsible leadership or ‘consensus politics’.

“People looking to politicians for leadership cannot continue to be disappointed.”


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