Long shocked by racist attack on visiting team

Alliance East Belfast MLA Naomi Long has expressed her shock at a racist attack on a visiting Indian cricket team in the Albertbridge Road area.

Naomi Long stated: “This is yet another low, as a racist attack on visitors to our city. Locals and visitors alike will be suitably alarmed.

“This is another reminder of the need to destroy the scourge of racism in our society. This sort of incident merely backs up our reputation as Europe’s ‘racist capital’. It is not enough simply to ‘condemn’ this sort of behaviour, we need to take responsibility for stopping it. Racism and sectarianism are both outcomes of division and segregation, breeding ignorance and violence of this nature.

“This incident is particularly appalling as it happened to young members of a cricket team who were guests in our city. People had gone out of their way to ensure the team came north of the border. What kind of stories will they go home with?

“This kind of anti-social behaviour is becoming so common as to almost be acceptable in some quarters. Our streets, even our parks, are no longer safe. Never has it been clearer that our leaders need to get beyond pettiness, and deal with the real scars in our society that are bringing shame on us all.”


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