Phoenix Gas hike ‘completely unacceptable’: Campbell

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor, Tom Campbell, has hit out at proposals by Phoenix Natural Gas to charge its customers a 25% increase in household gas prices this year, and described the proposals as ‘completely unacceptable’.

The Antrim Line councillor’s comments follow a similar condemnation of the proposals by the General Consumer Council.

Councillor Campbell said, “I note that the General Consumer Council has rejected a statement by Phoenix Gas that it was in a process of consultation with it over the rise. This is typical of the cynical spin of this energy company. It would not surprise me that ‘consultations’ with public bodies such as the Consumer Council are mere window dressing.

“Yet again Phoenix Gas seeks to pursue an unfair and unacceptable price increase at the expense of hard pressed customers. Once householders have taken on natural gas they may be reluctant to change and every advantage is being taken of that.

“Negotiations last year had all the subtlety of a market stall, in which a proposed Phoenix price increase was later dropped by nearly half after negotiations with OFREG. This company should have more respect for its customers than to engage in such an unseemly Dutch auction. Such proposed price hikes are not merited, and are an unacceptable increase in the average household bill.”


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