Partial smoking ban unworkable and ineffective: Campbell

Alliance Councillor, Tom Campbell, has said that a partial smoking ban would be unworkable and ineffective. He has furthered argued that it would fail to protect the public properly and effectively.

The Newtownabbey councillor pointed to the findings of a new report from the BMA, which has concluded that a partial smoking ban will widen the health gap between the poorest and richest in society partly because in a BMA study in the North of England two thirds of pubs in deprived areas would be exempt, compared with only a quarter in affluent areas.

Mr Campbell said: “This study from the BMA highlights the fact that a partial ban on smoking might be ineffective if its aim is to protect the public from the affects of passive smoking. The report from the BMA makes it clear that the introduction of a ban based on the service of food in licensed premises would fail to protect people in deprived areas where alcohol only is on sale.”

“I have a concern that the Government is going to fudge the issue in introducing a ban which will be partial and will please no one. Many pubs here do not serve food and a partial ban directed where food is offered would be ineffective. I support the medical profession in its demand for a complete ban and on the need for urgent action. The Governments approach and the ominous delay for Ministerial reflection is of considerable concern in this context.”



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