Petrol bomb attack “another example of society’s acceptance of violence” – Dunlop

Alliance Party Ballymena representative Jayne Dunlop has slammed the perpetrators of another Ballymena petrol bomb attack, saying the act is evidence that society is beginning to accept a certain level of violence which should be unacceptable.

Ms Dunlop, her party’s Education Spokesperson, stated: “Yet again we see a family becoming victim to a potentially fatal attack of this nature, and severe damage to property caused. For all the condemnations, the question is what are we as a society doing about all this?

“Ballymena and the surrounding area continues to be stained by such attacks – murders, petrol bombs, defacing of property and so on. Is the suggestion that we should simply accept this level of violence for ever?

“Whatever the talk of sectarianism or tension, it seems we are bringing up another generation full of hate for outsiders. What we need is a fundamental change of political and social direction.

“We cannot afford just to try to manage our divisions, to try to keep a lid on hate. We have to overcome them, and we have to make sacrifices for a better future for us all.”


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