‘Despicable’ UVF threat on Sunday World reporter undermines press freedom

Alliance Chief Whip, Kieran McCarthy, has hit out at the UVF for issuing a death threat to a Sunday World journalist and has said that the threat undermines the freedom of the press. The death threat was reported in the Sunday World yesterday.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “It is absolutely despicable that the UVF has issued a death threat upon a Sunday World journalist.

“This threat denigrates the freedom of the press in Northern Ireland, and freedom of the press is one of the most valuable facets of any liberal democracy. The press must be allowed to carry out the vital investigative reporting which they do, to ensure that paramilitary and criminal activity is uncovered and exposed.

“Apart from the condemnation by Lady Sylvia Hermon, the silence on this issue, from the Ulster Unionists has been deafening.

“The Ulster Unionists need to answer the question of who they believe regarding such activities, David Ervine or the police?

“The Sunday World and many other newspapers have completed many important investigations into illegal activities and must be praised for their courage in standing up to and undermining paramilitary thugs.”

Kieran McCarthy concluded: “The police confirmed that the threat on the Sunday World journalist was serious, and the newspaper have sent details on the matter to the IMC. I hope that those responsible for the threat are brought to justice and I would appeal to anyone with information on this issue to contact police immediately.”


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