People with learning disabilities deserve better – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Department of Health is failing in its duty to provide adequate respite care for people with learning disabilities.

Speaking after Assembly Question Time, David Ford said: “In answer to a question in the Assembly today, the Minister repeated the usual line from the Department of Health, that there are good facilities for people with learning disabilities across Northern Ireland.

“The reality is that for the families of many adults in the former Homefirst Trust area, respite care is very patchy and uncertain.

“The Minister acknowledged that most care is provided by families. The least that such families deserve is the knowledge that they will get adequate respite, whether overnight, occasional weekends or during a Summer holiday.

“The previous Minister admitted that funding for services for people with learning difficulties is growing far slower than funding for other areas of Health and Social Services. The current Minister is also failing to meet the growing need, and the Department must address this issue as a priority.”


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