Neeson asks for progress report on study into free prescriptions

Alliance MLA Seán Neeson today asked the Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey, during Assembly question time what consultation has taken place with local GPs over reviewing prescription charges. On 15 May, Alliance secured a cost-benefit analysis of prescription charges with a view to providing them for free, through on of their Assembly motions.

The East Antrim MLA stated: “Six weeks ago Alliance secured a commitment from the Health Minister to conduct a cost-benefit analysis into making prescriptions free. Action must be made on this issue and consultation with our local GPs is essential.

“All stakeholder must have their say in this process of analysis, to ensure the right decision is made on this issue.

“We need to use the financial resources available within the health budget to their highest potential, and if the benefits for having free prescriptions far outweigh the costs, script charges must be axed.”

“This cost-benefit analysis is vital to ensure the best value-for-money choice is made and we are looking forward to the results of the study.”


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