People urged to follow advice on using water by Armstrong

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has urged people to follow advice on using water wisely in the hot weather.

Northern Ireland Water issued the guidance after recent high demand on the local water supply system in the wake of a recent increase in temperatures. Current demand is at 700 million litres a day, an increase of 130 million litres.

“It is good to get this advance warning from NI Water, so we can be aware of just how much water we are using on a daily basis,” said Ms Armstrong.

“People are often unaware of the bigger picture when it comes to water conservation. We need to be responsible in our water use, whether using a hose on your garden or filling up a paddling pool. Otherwise, we could end up with a hose pipe ban and no-one wants to see that.

“The current weather is gorgeous, so rather than watering the garden, I would encourage people to take the opportunity to visit one of our lovely beaches with their family instead.”

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