People sick and tired of same old stagnation – Long

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has said political leaders must wake up to the reality that people are fed up with them repeating the same old mistakes.

The East Belfast Assembly member stated: “Most people I speak to have no expectation or enthusiasm for the political process, because they are fed up with occasional flurries of activity leading to yet more disappointment.

“We were told at the beginning of the year that there would be ‘intensive political discussions’ to iron out the basic problems that led to the Assembly not working in the past. If three meetings with the Government and no roundtable talks constitutes ‘intensive’, others must have a different definition of ‘intensive’ from us in the Alliance Party!

“We in the Alliance Party have offered discussions on human rights, the economy and political development as a way forward, yet all we have had is sporadic meetings with ministers.

“People have seen this all before. If the other Assembly Parties engage only in talking at each other rather than with each other, and if they choose to ignore reality that change and consensus are needed, then the ‘revolving-door’ Assembly will become reality again. The Northern Ireland public will not accept this any longer.”


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