Alliance Calls for Special IMC Report after Donaldson murder

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has called upon the British and Irish Governments to request a special ad hoc report from the Independent Monitoring Commission into the Donaldson murder. The anticipated April report from that body will only cover events up until 31 March 2006.

David Ford stated: “There is rightly deep shock and concern across the community at the savage murder of Denis Donaldson. There are many questions that need to be answered.

“While the IMC are due to report again on paramilitary activity during April, this report will only cover events up until the end of March.

“Rumour and innuendo will only frustrate efforts to advance the political process, and to deliver peace and stability. It is not realistic to wait for the October report of the IMC to see their determinations on the Donaldson murder.

“The Governments have the power to call for a special ad hoc report from the IMC. Similarly, the IMC have the power to produce an ad hoc report where they feel it is appropriate.

“I am calling upon the British and Irish Governments to produce such an ad hoc report. There is precedent for such reports. While it is difficult to single out one murder from any other, the political realities are this murder will carry considerable political ramifications.

“There may be some uncomfortable truths that need to be confronted sooner or later. It is important the the IMC are able to attribute responsibility for this murder, and to ascertain if it was carried out with or without official sanction. Even without sanction, it is important to know if those with knowledge are co-operating with the rightful authorities in line with their obligation to uphold the rule of law.”


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