Party Council backs stance over ‘Fresh Start’ deal

Alliance’s Party Council has backed the party’s leadership over its stance on the recent ‘Fresh Start’ deal.

Delegates at the Council, held yesterday (Saturday) in Newtownards, heard from Alliance Leader David Ford, who said while positive elements of the deal contributed by Alliance were worthy, the overall paper could not be fully endorsed by the party.

“The main issue raised by members of the party was around the past and the inability of the so-called Fresh Start to do what needs to be done, which is comprehensively deal with it so victims and their families can have their issues resolved,” said Mr Ford.

“I am pleased to say members agreed with me on the deal simply being a short-term fix to enable another limp down the road until another crisis. They did what Alliance leadership set out to do – not endorse the deal but rather commit to resolve the problems in the Executive and place Northern Ireland’s future on as secure a footing as possible.

“Party Council gave Alliance the backing to do what the party does best – play a responsible role in implementing which parts of this deal make sense for the good of the people of Northern Ireland and to hold others to account on the pledges they have made in it.”

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