Parades Changes a Victory for Public Consultation says Alliance

Alliance Party MLA Stephen Farry, who is Vice Chair of the Assembly’s OFMDFM Committee, has welcomed the decision of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister to drop the public assemblies aspect of the forthcoming parades legislation, describing the original proposals as unsustainable under the ECHR.

Stephen Farry stated: “This news is a positive demonstration of the value of public consultation. I welcome the readiness of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister to review their proposals in light of representations from political parties such as Alliance and a wide cross-section of civil society.

“It was ironic that worthy attempts to find political consensus around how contentious parades are handled risked driving a coach and horses through the right of public assembly. It was clear that the scale and scope of the proposals in relation to public assemblies could not have been sustained under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights. As we try to normalise Northern Ireland society, it is wrong for activities that are routine in other jurisdictions to be hamstrung by procedures deemed necessary to regulate certain parades.

“Alliance now looks forward to the Assembly facilitating a much more streamlined piece of legislation over the course of the autumn.”


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